Baby Keisha is a spunky,feisty,crazy little girl who is Zai's roblox sister. She can be really funny sometimes. She likes to twerk and even has her own youtube channel. Yeah she's crazy and a bit rude but we love her!

Early LifeEdit

Baby Keisha was introduced on July 10th, 2017. She was introduced in a video called "MY ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER" with the hashtag #sisterlylove. Ever since she has stolen the spotlight and our hearts. She has given her sister, Zai, fashion advice and a lot of trouble. Their mom was never around so Zai was practicaly raising Keisha. In the video " MY LITTLE SISTER GOT IN A FIGHT WITH A BULLY" Keisha was kicked out of daycare and a few hours later Zai received an email from there mom saying this

           "I'm sorry but I have to go. You were enough of a handful for me but the your sister came along, and it all became to much. She's crazy. There's something wrong with her. You seem to have a strong bound with her. You'll do a great job raising her.

At that point Zai freaked out, as any teenage girl would at reading this email. Keisha ran away for a little while and Zai finally found her. Along the way thouh, Zai learned She and Keisha have another sister. Their mom came home shortly after but Zai wouldn't let her in the house because she didn't want their mom to go and stay with them for 2 days and then leave for "work". Later on Keisha heard about this and ran away again. Finally Zai found her and they decided to take on new identities as Kennith and Kate. After a little while they just decided to go back to thir regular selves after almost being kidnapped. In the video "MY ANNOYING LITTLE SISTER GOT CAUGHT STEALING AND LIED!" Keisha stole from the Gucci store. She ran away a few more times but finally seemed to settle down. At least we thought so.

Secrets and KateEdit

Zai meets up with their mom because their mom wanted to tell Zai something. Their mom has been holding back a secret from them. Keisha isn't Zai's biological sister. But Zai does have a bio sister named Stacy. Turns out the mom had seen infant Keisha abandoned on the side of the road one night. She took Keisha in until Keisha became to much to handle. Zai was shocked at this information and eventually told Keisha. Keisha was devestated and angry at the same time. After awhile Zai agrees to help Keisha find her bio parents. Along the way Zai receives an email from a woman named Kate. Kate claims to be Keisha's bio mom, so Zai meets up with Kate. Everything seems fine. Zai finds out Keishaa has a twin brother. Once Keisha hears about this she decides to move in with Kate. Kate takes controll of Keisha life, but not in a good way. She let Keisha go to the club and even let keisha get a permanent tattoo. But Kate takes controll of Keisha's lifestyle. She takes Keisha's phone and stops Keisha from and from talking to Zai. She also made Keisha go on a gluten-free diet at only 8 years old. Zai starts to become suspicous of kate. She tries to talk to Kate but Kate won't ven let her see Keisha once. Zai adopts a new sister (who is actually just a robot baby), and makes Keisha jealous. Kate has a mansion with agiant safebox in it. Zai kidnapps Keisha and Keisha tells Zai that Kate keeps dead bodies in the safe. Finally Zai decides to do some investigating and finds out Keisha's twin broth doesn't exist. The kid who pllayed him was payed 1000 bucks by Kate. After this Zai tries to tell Keisha but Keisha doesn't listen. ai finally gets DNA proof that Kate isn't Keisha's real mom and Kate gets arrested for kidnapping. Keisha is sent to an orphanage until trial and runs away to a prison. There she apparently saw someone murdered with a carrot and ran with a gun in the sun. Zai is finally give custody of Keisha until the next trial. She and Keisha got out to eat dinner, but Keisha wants to go back to prision she met a boy there. Then she ran outside jumped in a car and drove into the lake. It is currently unknown if she is alive or not.~ EGM
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