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The "My Annoying Little Sister (Keisha)" series follows the life of two sisters in the sassy, and feisty Baby Keisha, and the caring, protective Zai through there adventures of trying to find a good home and a good family when everyone in their life seems to keep turning on them. The series is Zai's first ever role-play series, and it launched it's first episode on July 10, 2017.


Probably one of Zai's more comedic series. It starts out as a very innocent role-play with teenage Zai trying to get herself a life and make friends and even a boyfriend, but she always has to watch her little sister Keisha who always seems to get in the way of things. However the role-play seems to take many twists and turns after we find out that Zai and Keisha aren't biological sisters. Keisha then becomes desperate to find her real mom and dad, while having quite a few detours, and adventures along the way. When Keisha finally finds her real parents, it turns out that they're both not very good people. Ken was too gullible, and Karen is a cheater and a mean person. Their luck ended up turning around after Nanny Beatrice came around though, who started dating their former stepdad Justin, they decided to adopt Zai and Keisha, and Zai and Keisha got to live the life they never had before of being rich, and fitting into their new environment. Keisha continues to find new members of her family though, after Karl comes along who happens to be her actual twin brother. This series is filled with many twists and secrets, and just about everything in between, and things are not always as it seems.


Zai - Zai is Keisha's caring, protective, older sister who has spent many times trying to connect with her but just can't seem to be able to ever get a read on her for a while. She likes to come up with plans that usually involve spying, with Keisha to take down her enemies and isn't afraid to get sassy when she feels like an injustice is happening. She's constantly with Keisha always trying to make sure she doesn't get into trouble, but she somehow always gets dragged into it which usually ends up hurting Zai more than Keisha, since she's the older one. Over the years Zai has learned to just let Keisha be who she is, the more time she has spent with Keisha, the more care-free Zai got as well as evidenced by what they had been up to in Brookhaven. But Zai will always be Keisha's older sister that tries her best to keep them out of trouble.

Keisha - Keisha is Zai's sassy, feisty, annoying little sister who isn't afraid to pull out a Tik Tok dance out whenever she feels like it. A lot of the time her attitude gets her in trouble, and Zai often has to remind her to tone it down when she's around other people. Keisha has a hard time doing that though. Also she's been known to want to run away whenever she doesn't like a place. Keisha has also shown to be a bit selfish at times though, like letting Justin kick Zai out of the house so that she could have his money all to herself. At the end of the day though, for the most part Keisha has always been loyal to Zai, even if it does take some convincing from her. She has always been hard to be very kind or a little more caring to people or even Zai.Most of the time she's extremely impulsive and will do whatever she feels like doing, which is funny to watch, but usually results in bad things for her and Zai. Keisha has often shown to lack situational awareness and can make bad decisions, and will often make situations that her and Zai could've gotten out of worse, due to her crazy, and feisty nature.

Momma LetsPlay - Momma LetsPlay is Zai's biological mom and Keisha's former adoptive mom, she has shown neglect towards her children and is almost never around. Keisha would always be excited for her to come home but she never would because of "work", it turns out she just never liked Keisha that much so she decided it's be better if Zai took care of her.

Stacy - We don't know too much about Stacy, other than she's Zai's younger biological sister that Zai never knew about until Momma LetsPlay told her about her.

Kate - Kate is a woman that pretended to be Keisha's real biological mom so she could become more popular, as Keisha's YT channel was big at this time. Kate is a clout chaser that pretty much let Keisha do whatever she wanted to do, including letting her get a tattoo. Just to make things seem as real as possible she even paid an actor to be Keisha's brother. As you could imagine, Zai hated this, and tried so hard to get Keisha out of Kate's custody. Eventually they did some DNA tests, and it turned out that Kate isn't Keisha's biological mom, so she got arrested.

Officer Ana - Officer Ana is pretty much the police officer Zai went to for everything during the case with Keisha and Kate, whenever she has any questions about what she's allowed to be doing at the moment, or if she's allowed to check on Keisha, or any updates about the case. Officer Ana is an unbiased police officer that tells you the exact truth no matter who it benefits.

Principal Susie - Principal Susie is the principal of Royale High school, and has quite the hatred for Keisha. She is quite the evil principal, and she got dark fairies to lock up Keisha and Zai before kicking them out of the school and acted fairly unprofessional towards Keisha and loves to insult her, and vice versa. She hasn't been heard from again.

Thuglife - Thuglife was Keisha's boyfriend when Keisha went to jail. Keisha calls him "Jail Bae". At first Zai hated this since Keisha's obviously not aloud to have a boyfriend at her age. When they went back to the jail in "MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED TO A GUY IN JAIL!". Thuglife even proposed to Keisha. However, Thuglife came in handy when they were dealing with Mary the gold-digger, where they had him get some fake money to trick Mary so that she would stop dating their dad.

Ken - Ken Ticklebutt is Keisha's biological father. When they first met him he seemed like a nice guy, he had a nice house and made good money. Keisha didn't like him because of how nerdy he looked, but overall he was fine. Then Mary came along and everything changed, Keisha and Zai clearly observed that Mary didn't even love him and was just dating him for his money so that she could by Gucci, and nice things. Zai and Keisha tried so hard to tell him this, but Ken never believed them, and he thought that they just didn't like her. Eventually they were tired of Ken's antics so they just ran away, and ever since Ken has became their annoying father that pops up every now and then trying to convince them to come back, but Keisha and Zai decided they were tired of living with a clueless buffoon.

Mary - Mary is Ken's gold-digging wife who started dating Ken just to use his money, because she thinks he's super rich. When Mary recognized that Zai and Keisha know what she's up to, she hated them and tried her best to get rid of them, as they did her. They had finally gotten her to go away with some fake money, but she came right back when Keisha and Zai ran away.

Karen - Karen is Keisha's biological mother, however Keisha didn't like her the moment she met her since she was angry that she abandoned her. Karen's explanation was that she had Keisha when she was very young so she couldn't take care of her. Later we found out that Karen is a cheater, who cheated on her husband twice. Karen also hates animals, loves Becky, and loves to punish Zai and Keisha, especially after they blackmailed her.

Becky - Becky is Karen and Justin's spoiled, tattletale daughter. She seemed sweet and innocent at first, but she quickly became a problem for Zai and Keisha when Keisha refused to play with her. She's not that great of a sister, and anytime something she doesn't like happens, she threatens to tell he mom who always takes her side.

Justin - Justin is Karen's husband who got cheated on twice by her. He's the nicest person in the family but somehow always finds a way to hook up with Karen again even though she keeps cheating on him. Like Ken, while he's not a bad person, he was too gullible to see that his wife was a bad person. Eventually, after Karen cheated again and he found out about it, he broke up with Karen, though he was an absolute mess, so it didn't do anybody any good. Once he started dating Zai and Keisha's nanny though they decided to adopt Zai and Keisha, so that they could become their new kids, and live with them. And he sends the kids to private school. Despite taking them on vacation and buying them some nice things, Justin also becomes very strict. Justin was shown to be very prone to have a breakdown when life wasn't going his way such as when he broke up with Karen, or when he broke up with Beatrice and lost his job and his money. After multiple misunderstandings with Zai and Keisha with him being unnecessarily strict with them, Zai and Keisha decided to run away.

Beatrice - Beatrice was temporarily the Zai and Keisha's nanny. At first Zai thought that they didn't need a nanny because she can take care of Keisha, and that she was going to get a nanny to torture them. However, it turned out that Beatrice was actually a very kind nanny who wouldn't hurt a fly, and only pretend to be mean so she could get the job. Since Beatrice was pretty much the kindest person they'd ever had the luxury of meeting in their life, Zai and Keisha made efforts to make sure she stays around by asking her to pretend to do mean things to them while they record it on video. After Beatrice started dating Justin though, she ends up becoming Zai and Keisha's mom when they decide to adopt them as their children.

Miss Melon - Ms. Melon is a teacher at Zai and Keisha's private school who after seeing suspicious behavior happening from Zai and Keisha, reported them to the principal's office.

Vice Principal- Since the principal wasn't there the day that Zai and Keisha got sent to the principal's office, instead they saw the vice principal. She told Zai and Keisha that they would be getting a week df detention since they have a strict no bullying run, even though Zai and Keisha weren't bullying anybody. Because they pleaded for her to not tell their parents, in exchange she gave them 2 weeks of detention.

Lewis - Lewis is essentially a handsome bad boy going to Zai and Keisha's private school. When he finds himself in detention, while Keisha tries to date him, he tries to hit on Zai. But once he finds out Zai isn't really his type since she won't skip detention with him, he ends up hanging out with Keisha instead and they skip detention together. Lewis doesn't give up on trying to date Zai though, and is very persistent s he tries to get Zai to go on a date with him to be her boyfriend.

Karl- Karl is Keisha's twin brother. Little is known about his backstory since he claimed he forgot everything from his past, but it was later revealed that Ken is in fact his father, making him and Keisha siblings. Despite them coming from the same parents, Karl is way less feisty and sassy then Keisha, and usually is nice and listens which is a nice change of pace to Zai, but Karl's presence does seem to annoy Keisha often despite him not doing anything to provoke her. Ever since he jumped out the window when Justin came home, Karl hasn't been seen since, as a few months later Zai and Keisha moved to Brookhaven. Karl hasn't been heard from again.